About Us

The Multyone was founded on the basis of know-how that experts of each field acquired through field operation experiences. Having the branch office in New york, USA and Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Multyone  is a leader of multi advertisement platforms for Ads, PR(Public Relations), Marketing and Shopping Malls.The company utilizes methods that have been certified in industries to lure clear targets and unique traffics of ads. Such methods meet requests of ads that on- and off-line companies make Multyone  uses the newest software so that customers could really be attracted by ads. To do it, this company attempts to track down the sophisticated on-line and abolishes all kinds of internet robot.


Ways to Find out Multiple Ads Methods.

Multyone applies various kinds of ad techniques ranging from basic to premium ads to attract potential customers. Multyone is a customer-centered ad contents that every customer can access, register and amend in a simple way without complex registration procedures. Its scope extends from individual ads to the corporations which were already established and are operating now.


Multyone establishes technological ,ads alliance ties with many industries

Also, this Multyone establishes technological and ads alliance ties with many industries. Especially, this arranges travel goods and ads products, through the alliance ties with travel agents and construction companies. In addition, Multyone offers special plan in order to share profits with members. This company takes preparatory measures to make a wide range of items, with its aim to generate direct profits to each member, instead of offering just momentary services to them. The ultimate aim of the company is to generate ads and profits, at the same time, and to help each member live physically affluent life.

Daniel Parker /Co-Chair .