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Forex Trading-Meta Trader4

Forex Trading-Meta Trader4

「MetaTrader4」is available at KLES.

MetaTrader4(Hereafter referred to as MT4) is a trading system developed by a well-known Russian Software Company called MetaQuotes Software in 2000. The system was programmed with MetaQuotes Language, also known as MQL. MT4 is equipped with 50 technical indicators , outstanding charts and many other convenient functions. MT4 is very user-friendly and it allows independent Expert Advisor (EA) installed in the system to enable automated trading and technical indicators. Unlike other automated trading system, MT4 can easily get the EA which perfectly matchs its Trading Style. MT4 is one of the most popular trading systems in the world, its automated trading feature attacts many traders even for those who rely on manual tradings.

Trading Outline

1000 currency unit.
The highest level of leverage in the industry of 1000 times is available.
The maximum trading volume/one click(50,000,000Currency)
A diverse pair of currencies 29types
No account set up,maintanance and transaction fee!Currently currencies are based on dollars.
No margin calls
Trading hours on Sundays at GMT21:00~ Friday GMT21:00 During the summer the market is open 1 hour longer in certain markets of the world.
Hedge trading possible
Can be set up leverage by the customer’s request when you open a account
Swap points occur on GMT:21:00
Margin call is 30% of the rate of margin maintenance
20$ Loss-cut line is 20 % of the rate of margin maintenance
Corporate accounts can be opened very simply
Spread is different from demo account



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