GSN System has been progressing its On-Line Marketing for the people in the whole world.

Through this, many members will be made in each country and the members who get much commission will be created. For GSN System to be a social company at each country that GSN System entered, there may be some duty and responsibility to be properly accomplished for each country.  Then, by introducing funding for the members through the fund managers who are our company’s inauguration members, it will progress professional investment and job creation.  Through this, GSN System will enhance the life quality of members through more profits.

"‘Crowd Funding’ means “collecting fund from the public”."


Originally, it is the term used when recruiting culture. art project supporter or collecting necessary money for disaster relief business. It is a method that some artists or social activists without any money open their own creative ideas or social public interest project in Internet and  get invested from many anonymous people. As its goal amount and collecting period are usually fixed and investors can invest with small amount of several tens of thousands~ several hundreds thousands, there isn’t any burden for investors. The compensation for support is usually accomplished not by cash but by the project results including musical record or concert ticket, book, etc..

Collecting fund utilizes SNS including Internet Twitter, Facebook, etc.. Through SNS, it explains business ideas and collects about 200 mil. ~ 300 mil. Won necessary for establishing small-sized venture company. Therefore, it is also called ‘Social Funding’.  Recently, its meaning is extending to ‘recruiting small amount investors for new business’.

It is known that the site that executed Crowd Funding firstly in the world is Indigogo ( shown in January 2008. The most famous Crown Funding is the US Kickstarter( established in April 2009. Crowd Funding has been spread on the basis of the US and Europe. The newly born companies with new technology and ideas give a boost to national economy.

Last year,   the fund volume of the venture capital that the US invested on newly born venture company was about 28.43 billion dollars. Angel fund mainly investing on early venture company is also vitalized. The fund collection and investment of Venture capital or angel fund are accomplished under the monitoring and supervision of government.

The success of Crowd Funding is dependent on what a good idea was really made into business and whether the structure that small investors can get profits is settled. By any possibility, it may reduce the reputations of sound young businessmen causing social trouble as in the early of year 2000.