This company is specialized in Web program and AD contents development.
This company is arranging single server network marketing with Multyone brand in order to construct whole world SNS Global Network.
Multyone is a brand name for the mobile advertisement platform business item of Gsnsystem LTD.

It is the whole world member community oriented business model by SNS utilization.
Community method of Multyone is the advanced concept mobile advertisement platform that mutual exchange itself can be transformed into profit.
By developing this model, we are planning to settle down Smart home business model of IBO( Independent Business Owner).
In case of effectively using the target advertisement that utilized Multyone, it would be much more helpful for activating your business that you expected. Also, through your own promotion site, you would be able to have a chance to activate your online home business through the whole world.

You can join if you are over 19.

It is necessary to verify the sponsor ID who introduced Multyone to you in order to join as a member.

There isn’t any fee for joining as a member.

-The products to be provided are Multyone that is a mobile advertisement platform, banner advertisement for the whole world advertisement and your own homepage.
And, additionally, it will give you a change of the business that can accomplish your dream.

-Membership joining fee is as follows:
Star1 = $60 (provide 4 page) , Star2 = $120 (provide 5 page) ,Star3 = $240 , provide 6 page ),
are necessary, however, it is possible to upgrade only with 1 star as the business is proceeded.
But, in order to purchase membership of Multyone, at first, it is necessary to pay $10 as Dashboard account activation fee( monthly subscription ) and then, membership payment window is activated.

As soon as you pay for purchasing membership product, your business homepage and Multyone management window are created immediately, and
And, 100% of paid amount is provided immediately to other member as a commission.
Therefore, it is impossible to cancel after payment.
Therefore, it is nonrefundable in any way.
In case that Dashboard account has been activated, all the services and benefits are supported, and in case that Dashboard account hasn’t been activated for 6 months consecutively, Dashboard account of IBO is deleted completely.
Its payment method uses the method purchasing POINT from company or center members and paying for it.
It is calculated into 1 Point = $1.00.
Multyone is the most reasonable and effective mobile catalogue.
In case of promoting it by utilizing it well, it would be easy to construct the great team that you haven’t experienced, and the only thing you should do is to manage Multyone customers for them to utilize Multyone well.
Multyone will be the best business chance that you haven’t experienced until now.
Just start now as a part-time job or full time job.!!
You would be able to see the members in the whole world to be arranged at All in One Global Matrix Board behind you.
You can meet more profit than you expected.
Yes, you can join anywhere in the world.
Your Multyone provided by company and automatic referral site will be useful tools for attracting new members.
Please inform them of your homepage URL through your mobile catalogue or e mail or telephone.
Activated member means the member whom DashBoard account period(Monthly Subscription) is effective.
Dashboard account should be activated to participate in all bonuses and programs.

Inactivated member means the member whom DashBoard account period(Monthly Subscription) is ineffective.
Dashboard account should be activated to participate in all bonuses.
Also, in case of being in the inactivated state for 6 months consecutively, all the services end.

If you become a member, you will receive your user name and password.
You will be the only one who can use your password.
Please be careful for your password not to be lost or used by others illegally.
In case that you lost your password, please get a new password through your e-mail address in your Dashboard account and use it.
The company will make its best efforts to supplement its website.