About Kles

Q: What kind of company is Kles?

Kles is a global foreign exchange trading company with dependable pricing which focuses on providing comprehensive services that fully satisfy our clients while making their trust and confidence our number one priority.In order to provide the best online foreign exchange trading service, Kles is run by traders, web programmers, and financial service executives.

Q: Does Kles operate on a global scale?

Yes, Kles operates on a global scale, and we have customers all over the world. For this reason we have staff that speak a multitude of languages to provide our customers with support.

Q: Are an account management fee and the transaction fees charged?

Yes, it’s free.

Q: What is a demo account?

A demo account is an account where you can get experience with our company’s trading system. After you understand enough about how to use platform and what it can do, we recommend trading with a real account.

A demo account does not use real money, instead, you can make trades with fictitious money, which does not generate real gains or losses. Withdrawals cannot be made from demo accounts for that reason. Please see the Manual for how to apply for a demo account.

Q: Does the demo account of KLES use real money?

No, the real money is not necessary in there being the demonstration account for the exercise of the real account to the last. I have you perform the business for the virtual fund. There is the case that business results are different with a demonstration account and the real account. Please understand it.

Q: Is there a difference between the rate fluctuation in demo and real trades?

They are almost the same although there is a slight difference between the rate fluctuations. Regarding the contract ability they are completely equivalent. We would like to recommend you to try on this efficient demo trade.

Q: Can I profit from my demo account?

No. The funds in the demo accounts are for practice purposes only, and there are no actual gains or losses so there is no way to withdraw money.

Q: Can I trade with my demo account on the weekend?

Trading hours areSunday GMT 22:00 to Friday GMT 19:00.

Q: How many months is the demonstration account effective?

The demonstration account is effective for 15 days from the day when I had you register yourself. It is over 15 days, and please apply for a demonstration account in the case of the hope by the use again.

Q: What is a real account?

An account for actual deposits and trading, the gains and losses of which become gains and losses for the customer. The maximum leverage for trading is 1000:1.

Q: Is it possible to open an account as a corporation?

Yes, it is possible.

Q: From what time to what time can I place orders?

Trading opens at 22:00 Sunday (GMT) and closes at 19:00 Friday (GMT).

Q: What are the minimum and maximum trade amounts?

The minimum trade unit is a unit of 1 lot (1000 currency) and the maximum is 500 lots for one time.

Q: Is the buying and selling fee charged?

It’s free.

Q: How long does the price of the limit order have to separate it from a rate at the time of the order?

It can not set the limit order from a current rate when too near.

Q: Is there any margin call?

There is it. Deposit money maintenance rate is equal to or less than 20% and becomes margin call.