★ How to use A MULTI-PAGE?

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※ 4 kinds of features Multi Page

1. It is possible to correct and upload Multi Page anytime.
2. It is possible to link to Tel. No. YouTube , Homepage or SNS.
3. It is possible to help together and promote by realizing DB share(Cross Advertisement) firstly in the world.
4. As it is possible to check number of connector at the manager page, it is possible to utilize it for marketing.

1.What is Multi Page?

Mobile era! The most effective marketing solution at low cost.
e-catalog + multi media + messenger + SNS

-N-Screen Multi Page service that integrates communication among members
-It is possible to use all at Smart Phone, Tablet and web with only one time of contents production.
-Member transmission of produced contents and easy SNS distribution
-It is possible to convert existing promotional material(catalogue, brochure, etc.) easily.
-The most effective marketing way for Smart Phone +SNS

2. Who will need it?

1. Company customer with effective mobile marketing needs of new media base
-Ent./SMB/SOHO franchise, wedding, beauty, hospital, jewelry business, etc..
-Insurance Consulting as personal business owner, SFA reinforcement business including automobile sales
2. In case of Small and Medium company and personal business owners, Multi Page is optimal.
-Much promotion for new product or new services is necessary.
-Media promotion by newspaper or broadcasting is hard because of much cost burden..
-I don’t have any idea about where I should distribute paper catalogue that I made.
-Most of customers don’t see e-Catalog that I uploaded on the homepage.
-I don’t effectively utilize the customer DB that I acquired.
-I want to proceed new product promotion event.


N Screen support
Various Device support including Smart Phone, Tablet, PC, Mobile App, Smart TV , etc.
Catalogue of Streaming way that isn’t Download way
Light app.

And catalogue contents correction is always possible.
Multimedia contents utilization maximization
Information delivery maximization by utilizing picture and video contents
Provision of easy and convenient production tool
Beginners also can make catalogue easily.
Easy and Viral distribution
Taking catalogue, Taking some product / SNS(twitter, facebook) linkage
Various customers participation function
Event module work
Provision of synergy advertisement distribution function
Advertisement effect doubling function of similar businesses

4.Service Flow

-Getting customers actively through SNS, e-mail, text message
-Mutual delivery among persons by operating at any machine
-Direct management by having rights for members
-Upgrade of information delivery power by making visual contents easily,.
-Easy participation in contents /Combination of interactive function including event, etc.
-Management through existing SNS contents integration
-Synergy advertisement technique utilization among similar businesses

5. Distinction



6. How to use


STEP 1 ,Send mobile URL catalogue with the content to deliver to customer simply by using SmartPhone letters message or SNS

STEP 2, When the customer who received letters message touched the content, it moves to the whole screen, and customer
can see catalogue as if turning over pages.


STEP 3, In case of touching the below go-directly to the details or dialing, it is connected to the touched content directly. .

7. Product purchase method

Product payment method of Multyone is possible only by Points.
It is necessary to have as much as Point as the product amount to be purchased to vitalize Stars product purchase button.

It is defined as Point 1.00 = $1.00 USD.

It is necessary to purchase it directly from the company or the member of Multyone to purchase necessary Points.
And, it is necessary for you to click the product purchase button directly with the Points you have to complete purchase.

In order for you to purchase Multi Page initially after joining membership,

First) It is necessary to pay $10.00 for monthly site activation cost.
Monthly Subscription is $10.00 a month without any relation to your level position.

Second) It is necessary to pay Star 1 = $60.00.

If you want higher membership, it is necessary to pay Star2=$120.00 , Star3= $240.00 step by step.

★ How to use A MULTI-PAGE?

Optimal image size is 380 x 600 Pixel and less than 500KB.
Bottom 1/8 space of image is the position where URL or telephone number connection touch is operated.
Be sure not to register URL and telephone number together in 1 page.

In case of registering both together, touch button doesn’t work.
Page to be provided according to purchase level= Star1 : 4 Page, Star2 : 5 Page, Star3 : 6 Page, Star4 : 7 Page,
Effective period of advertisement will be continued until your business service ends.